Tuesday, August 15, 2017

What is the experience of being bisexual?

There was a joke, whether straight or gay, you could only choose half the people on the plant to be in love. When you are bisexual, the whole planet can be your object of love, and your choices have doubled. Is that true? Not at all.
As long as it's someone I like, I don't care about other people's sex. I like boys and girls, just as you like someone.

Maybe I'm a neutral person, and although the appearance is very feminine, there are girls who think I can give her a sense of security. Some boys love me because I have a female body, and some boys like my neutral personality.
Love with men and women is the same experience for me. Feelings of trust and dependence on each other are the same. The difference is only the mode of interaction and the way of dealing with feelings, which is not related to different genders. I'm looking forward to having sex with a man I like, but seeing the woman I love, I feel like I'm throbbing.
When I was with men, I was afraid of being seen by my former girlfriendI'm worried that when I go looking for an unfamiliar lesbian, they think I'm just pretending to be a lesbian to have sex with them.
You never know if the next one is heterosexual or homosexual, though it doesn't make any difference to me, but for others it does.
I like boys and girls, just as you like people you like.

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