Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Bisexual love is a tough battle

Being truly bisexual is a very depressing thing, especially when you don't have a stable career. In the end, do you choose to be with a man or with a woman? It's all a problem. If you're just gay or straight, maybe you don't meet someone in another sex who touches your heart. 
Being bisexual is not bound by one's sexual orientation, but only with the feeling of love. You can follow your own desires and feelings and fantasize about the people you like.
But very few people understand you, when you are with a girl, how do you explain to her that you like men too? Some of your careless behavior may make her miserable. Same-sex orientation as a bizarre dreams have been attracted you: this is a kind of psychological demands dissatisfaction with life, whenever you encounter life perplexed period, it will comes back to harass you.

Gay won't understand you. They might think you're not brave enough. Why would you go to a woman if you could be teased by a man?
Some people say that bisexuality is easy to fool around, but I would say that Bisexual is not equal to Easy lover. On the contrary, once you fall in love, you will treasure everything in front of you.
I have always suggested that if a person has a good feeling for both genders, it is best to find the opposite sex. If you really cant get away, you must understand that once you begin, it is a tough battle.

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