Thursday, August 17, 2017

Bisexual label

Recognizing that I am bisexual, gender is no longer a boundary for me, but a simple division of people. For me, first, it avoids gender bias and misleading. Second, this prevents the emergence of gender discrimination. Because the concept of gender is no longer my concern, I can concentrate more on the person's personality and experience. For example, the person is indecisive because of a lack of confidence and decision-making ability, not because she is a hesitant woman, or because he is afraid of the consequences. Interpersonal communication becomes simple. Making friends is totally personality, but personality does not affect my decision.Interestingly the fact that bisexual doesn’t bother me, but it bothers the bystanders.

At a party a few months ago, a Christian American boy drank too much and talked to me for almost two hours, what it’s like to be bisexual, what’s the difference between being in love with two people, and so on. Because of my bisexual label, a lot of people talk to me or ask for advice. Their different perceptions of Bisexuality make me feel interesting.
As a whole, I can better understand the concept of gender stereotype when I am bisexual. On the one hand, I am not disturbed by sex; on the other hand, I can feel that many people around me are bound by the label of gender that doesn’t bring love.

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