Tuesday, August 15, 2017

A Girl's Bisexual Story

The first time I love a homosexual was in junior high school, she was a very gentle girl. At first I just knew I loved her very much, but I didn’t know what kind of love it was. She had a good relationship with me and two other girls, and we often went out on weekends, but I just wanted to be alone with her. _(:з」∠)_

Usually shopping to see what she might like, I would always think of buying her. I filled my pocket every day with her favorite toffee and jelly. I liked to see her smile. I wouldn’t be happy when I saw her being close to other girls and I would be very sad to see her happy face. At that time, I was thinking that if I were a boy, I would have been in love with her and I had asked her if she would be with me if I were a boy. _(:з」∠)_ 
I really want to protect her, let her rely on me, so that she would become indispensable to meThe idea of that time was that I became her only friend, without thinking of falling in love with her as a girl. Until then, I received a love letter from a girl. Then, as if suddenly opened the door to the new world, and I thought, "Oh, there is no rule that only heterosexual people can fall in love!" So I decided to tell her how I felt after the exam. But she turned me down in a tactful way. As long as she had a good time, I could accept her refusal. 
Now I find that the feeling of love between a boy and a girl is almost the same.

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