Friday, August 25, 2017

How to judge whether a girl is gay or bisexual?

I consider myself an intuitive person, but I can't tell you how to judge.
It's difficult to judge only by appearances and first impressions. Different women dress differently at different times, you can't judge her as a bisexual because of her neutral make-up. But there are all sorts of clues in the chat.
I once chatted with a girl about a TV show she loved to watch. She had a lot of opinion about a female role in the TV series, and she said, "the man who marries this woman will be very happy." Then I said to her:" you love a woman and you are bisexual." She tried to explain that she was straight, but she could not even convince herself, so she confessed.
I have always had a strong respect for other people's gender and sexuality, so many people are willing to tell me about their romance and sexual orientation.

Let's take an example of how to judge whether a girl is gay or bisexual from a chat. If a girl (or a boy) talks about her Ex-boyfriend or Ex-girlfriend, she never uses a gender specific pronoun. When I talked about my ex girlfriend before I came out, I always referred to her by "ex" and her horoscope. Or she never talks about her standards for the opposite sex, she doesn't want to find a boyfriend, or a friend recommends her boyfriend, she will try to refuse or shirk. Every time she mentioned the boy who pursued her, she always showed an impatient look. 
Once I cut a short hair that looked like a tomboy. Every time a girl stopped and looked at me and wondered,"is this a lesbian?"" I knew I had met the same kind.
But the best way is to ask directly, and if you feel impolite to do so, you can come out directly. Or talk to her about your bisexual friends and see her attitude.
Once a girl focused on lesbians, I decided she was gay, and it turned out not to be... Therefore, no matter what judgment method, it is better to ask directly.

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