Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Family is more important than desire

The first person I fell in love with is a girl. When I was in my freshman year, we had our first meeting in the school library because we were looking for the same book. My heart beat violently at the first sight of her. And I think she felt the same way. I occasionally wrote some sweet words to her, and we often walked together on the campus.
The holidays came, because my home was far away from school, and she was very happy to invite me to her home. At that time, I hesitated to go, but I was afraid of being found out as a lesbian. So I finally cooked up a reason and didn't promise her. Although we made a few calls during the holiday, we often kept silent when we found that there was nothing to talk about.
On October 8th her birthday, I wanted to give a special gift to her, but then gave her nothing, which made her very frustrated. That night she asked me to stay in her dormitory, I foolishly lying in bed, just hold her hand and held it for a long time. Later, we tacitly broke up the communication. During the four years of the school, I sometimes saw her far away, and I took the initiative to avoid meeting her. I wondered if she had done the same.
I fell in love with the boys in my class, and I found out that I was bisexual. I told my boyfriend that the first person I was attracted to was a girl, and my boyfriend said: it didn't matter, but now you're my girlfriend. We soon fell in love and got married. So far, we're together for about eleven years, and the baby is two and a half years old.
Although I am a married woman, I am still a bisexual woman. I will still be tempted by some girls, but I think family is more important than desire.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

I fell in love with a girl that day(part two)

On the second day, I went to class with her again. I felt hungry after class because I didn't have dinner. She told me that her roommate didn't go back to her dorm tonight, so she could make instant noodles for me. Just as I was eating happily, her roommate suddenly came back. She was too nervous to open the door. Her roommate saw me and later reminded her not to do the wrong thing. She said her roommate is also a bisexual single and knew she had a girlfriend.
That night, after her roommate left, we talked a lot. She admitted that she had a crush on me, but she loved her girlfriend, and they had been together for three years. If she had to make a choice between me and her girlfriend, she would choose her girlfriend.
Although I had already thought of it, I was so sad that I was about to cry. Suddenly a kiss I froze, she stopped me crying with her sexy lips. I would like to use my life to protect this charming kiss.
Then she came to me with a sense of guilt. We often date and go shopping together. I became the other man. I never thought she'd have to break up. I just wanted her to accept that I loved her.
The relationship lasted for half a month, and her girlfriend went back to school.
Her girlfriend knew it quickly because she wouldn't tell a lie. So the three of us talked face to face in the library downstairs.
Her girlfriend cried and talked about how they had been together for three years, only to have a happy ending. She also asked me why I wanted to be the third party. I rendered speechless. After all, I can't control my love. It's not a reason to hurt anyone. Then she chose her girlfriend. The second day, I'm going to finish it and let her return my pictures to me. I thought she would be cold, but she was as active as ever and nothing seemed to have happened. We sat in the woods and talked a lot. She said with remorse that she just didn't know how to refuse me.
Then we had not been in touch for months, and I was with a handsome guy in the class. The boy loved me very much, and I felt well disposed towards him.
Almost three months later, when she found me again, she had broken up with her girlfriend. We sat in the school square and talked late. I told her how I felt about my boyfriend.
She pretended to be angry and said, I know that bisexual like you is unreliable. How can you love someone so quickly? And I'm still a quiet, lonely lesbian.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

I fell in love with a girl that day(part one)

In February of this year, I was sure I was a bisexual woman. I met her at a school lecture last September. On that day, she wore a T-shirt which was printed with a small wasp. She had short hair and big eyes, and sat next to me because she couldn't find the extra empty seat.
Forget who spoke first, but we chatted anyway. I said I went to Japanese class and wanted to go to Japan, and she took IELTS and wanted to go to New Zealand because the aurora there was very beautiful.
At the end of the lecture, we are going to sign up at different language classes. We had already separated, and she suddenly stopped me, and asked me: Oh, classmate, can you leave a phone number for me?
Then I often thought it would be nice if she didn't stop me, so it wouldn't happen later.The first one or two weeks after we started talking on the phone, I would tell her about my Japanese class, and she would share with me the way her friend applied to study in Japan. She didn't go to the IELTS class and decided not to go to New Zealand. At that time, I didn't know she had a girlfriend and I didn't know she decided to go to New Zealand because of her girlfriend.
Because my good friends worked in the LGBT organization, I had also participated in related work, so I would forward some related messages in the community. I found she looked at it every time, and she sometimes commented, and we began to talk about homosexuality and bisexual. I was sure she did love girls, and she had a girlfriend for three years. I was a little lost at the time, but I didn't realize I might like her.
Until the winter of that year, we talked more and more. One night, she suddenly asked for video, because every time she typed, she would fall asleep. I thought it was strange, but I opened the video. It was the moment her face suddenly appeared on the screen, and I felt like I was moving. We had a long video, and I didn't tell her how I felt until the end of the chat.
One day we eat together, I did not hold back to tell her I love her. She admitted she was a lesbian, but she was easily attracted to any girl. Her girlfriend knew all about us, she loved her girlfriend, anyway, just want to let me give up the idea. I thought I was rejected, so I didn't go on talking. But when she had finished her meal, she asked me if I wanted to go with her to class. I knew her, and she loved me, too.
(To be continued...)