Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Family is more important than desire

The first person I fell in love with is a girl. When I was in my freshman year, we had our first meeting in the school library because we were looking for the same book. My heart beat violently at the first sight of her. And I think she felt the same way. I occasionally wrote some sweet words to her, and we often walked together on the campus.
The holidays came, because my home was far away from school, and she was very happy to invite me to her home. At that time, I hesitated to go, but I was afraid of being found out as a lesbian. So I finally cooked up a reason and didn't promise her. Although we made a few calls during the holiday, we often kept silent when we found that there was nothing to talk about.
On October 8th her birthday, I wanted to give a special gift to her, but then gave her nothing, which made her very frustrated. That night she asked me to stay in her dormitory, I foolishly lying in bed, just hold her hand and held it for a long time. Later, we tacitly broke up the communication. During the four years of the school, I sometimes saw her far away, and I took the initiative to avoid meeting her. I wondered if she had done the same.
I fell in love with the boys in my class, and I found out that I was bisexual. I told my boyfriend that the first person I was attracted to was a girl, and my boyfriend said: it didn't matter, but now you're my girlfriend. We soon fell in love and got married. So far, we're together for about eleven years, and the baby is two and a half years old.
Although I am a married woman, I am still a bisexual woman. I will still be tempted by some girls, but I think family is more important than desire.

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