Thursday, August 10, 2017

A bisexual story of my friend

I always thought I was bisexual. When I was in adolescence, I didn't know the concept of homosexuality at all. Every time I see some beautiful girls in my class, my dick will be as hard as an iron bar. Later, I found that I was attracted to some of the handsome boys in my class, so I wanted to make friends with them.
I went to college, got to know homosexuality, and stumbled on gay websites. From then on, I began to see pornographic pictures, gay videos, erotic novels to masturbate. Occasionally, I saw my friend using the software-blued, so I find a way to have sex with men. 
After having sex with a man, I'm becoming more and more unaccustomed to being in love with a woman. Although I had a girlfriend, we broke up soon. On the one hand, I long for a girlfriend who can hold my hand and kiss me.On the other hand, I am eager to have sex with a man.
I used to think I couldn't find a girlfriend so I became a gay. Now it seems that I really like men. I like handsome boys since puberty. I used to think I was bisexual, but now I wonder if Im really gay. I kissed my first girlfriend and I had no physical response, so I wondered if I have sexual desire for girls.
I've been trying to figure out whether I'm bisexual or not. Then I got a girlfriend. And I really love her. Although I wish I could fall in love with her like a straight man directly to kiss lovemaking, I forbear.
I have a physiological reaction when I kiss her. Once in my dreams, I often make love with men, but now I often have sex with her in my dreams. So I identified my bisexual identity.

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